Tube, Kayak, and Pedal Boat rentals on the Medina River


Medina River Tubing Guidelines

TENNIS SHOES, AQUA-SHOES, SANDALS or other footwear are advisable to protect against
sharp objects, cuts, scrapes, bruises on the rocky river bottom and while walking to and from
entry/exit points for tubing on the Medina River.

SUN BLOCK LOTION or SUN SCREEN should be applied both BEFORE and DURING each
float trip or any time you are in the sun for extended periods. It’s a good idea to bring a large
white T-shirt to wear if you begin to sunburn

A CAP, HAT or VISOR and SUNGLASSES will help shield your face, eyes and head from the
rays of the sun

CHILDREN MUST be accompanied by an adult for tubing on the river. Life jackets / vests are
recommended for all children and all non swimmers and are provided on request at no
charge with your tube rental. There are
NO LIFE GUARDS ON DUTY, you will be on your own,
use caution, think safety first! Parents & Guardians – you are responsible for your children

IMPORTANT… Medina river tubing, swimming and river activities have both inherent and
unknown risks and dangers. The Medina river has no life guards and you will be on your own,
use caution, think safety first! You will be asked to sign a waiver and release of liability for
yourself and any children in your group before tubing on the Medina river. Life jackets / vests
are available to anyone who requests one at no charge, please ask for a life jacket when you
get your tube(s).        

DRINK PLENTY OF WATER while tubing on the Medina River to help prevent dehydration.  

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE OK on the Medina River.  Anyone of legal drinking age can
drink while they are Tubing, however we ask that you PLAY IT SAFE and use your good
judgment. Keep it SAFE and FUN for everyone! If you get too drunk and rowdy, you may have a
good chance of getting arrested – use your good judgement, have a good time and keep it

Coolers & Ice chests may be checked for Glass and or Styrofoam at any random point on the
river.  You may rent an extra tube to tie your plastic cooler box to, or you may rent a cooler
together with a tube from Bandera Beach Club.        

It is NOT advisable to take your CAR KEYS, house keys, or any other keys on the River… keys
don’t float! We have a safe area to keep your keys. It is recommended that you leave your keys
with a Beach Club attendant!  In addition, DO NOT TAKE ANY VALUABLES ON THE RIVER as
most items sink and are never found! Again, always leave your valuables with a Beach Club
attendant or place your cell phones, jewelry and other valuables in a safe place! Phones don’t
float and do not work very well, if at all, after they have been submerged under water.  It is
advisable to leave jewelry and other valuables locked in your vehicle or at home.

body while tubing. Anyone wearing glasses should have a headband or neckband of some
sort, preferably the floating type that attach’s to each arm of your glasses to prevent your
eyeglasses from falling off your face and sinking into the river should you flip your tube over.

Please DO NOT LITTER! Dispose of all trash in litterbags. Dump all trash in designated
receptacles. Help keep our rivers, parks and Texas beautiful. Help everyone enjoy Medina
River Tubing and all Texas River Tubing!     

Have fun and enjoy your day!


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